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Welding: steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Welding: steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Welding is a process for connecting solid parts to one another ensuring material continuity. In its most common form, welding consists of the localised heating to make the material melt. This material may be of the same type as the parts being joined or different: it is called “autogenous” welding in the first case and “heterogeneous” welding in the second case. Nearly total material continuity across the joined parts is obtained in some cases of autogenous welding, when the process is carried out correctly and according to certain principles.

Customers requiring for welding only or the complete supply of part with welded components or other metallic parts can choose from an array of different welding techniques: MIG (with weld metal), TIG (with different weld metal), spot (using electrodes) and laser, for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys.

The supplied components to be welded may be standard, normal or made to specifications, such as inserts, nuts, studs, bushes, bushings, screws etc. The most suitable welding technique is used according to design and required strength.

Up to twenty manual welding stations equipped with fixed or turning platforms for welding and arranging parts on jigs at the same time are available with four robot welding cells which can be totally or partially synchronised.
All types of welding and positioning jigs and laser welding saddles can be made, designed by the supplier or according to the Customer’s specifications. Weld cycles may have self-learned or programmed tool paths.

Welding jigs may be designed and made for our welding station or for the customer’s own production lines and integrated with other working stations according to the required production needs.

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