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Surface treatments: zinc-coating, cataphoresis, powder

Surface treatments: zinc-coating, cataphoresis, powder

The final step of product and semi-finished item processing in the subcontracting chain is that of surface treatments essentially to increase surface resistance to oxidation and for cosmetic reasons. Applying coatings on surfaces (zinc-coating or painting) or modifying a thin surface layer of the material structure (anodising aluminium and aluminium alloys) confer resistance to oxidation and cosmetic properties.   Despite making the surface dark, cataphoresis is instead an anti-corrosion treatment and forms an excellent base for later surface treatments of the cosmetic type.

Consortium members specialised in this type of technology offer the following treatments:

  • white, iridescent, static and barrel zinc-coating galvanising processes
  • nickel-coating
  • hot zinc-coating
  • anodic oxidation conductive and not, either natural or coloured
  • liquid and powder paint, standard colour or made to specifications
  • silk-screen painting and engraving, mono or multicolour

Each process is certified and compliant with ISO 9001 and ROHS European Directive requirements which bans the use and significant residue of toxic substances.

Certificates of thickness and conformity to the required specifications are issued following the consolidated quality procedures in use by the automotive sector in general, Iveco Truck, CNH, Ferrari etc.

Surface treatments are complemented by brushing, taping or sandblasting operations and specific packaging is made for single parts suitable for transport. 

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