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Stock pressing

Stock pressing

Mecotek offers customers skills, experience and quality in cold stock pressing processes.

By directly working with companies operating in the sector equipped with a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic presses (up to 1200 tons with press bed of up to 3500 x 2000 mm in size), Mecotek can satisfy most specific production needs in terms of part size, production rates and basic material type.

The following processes are available:

Drawing: steel sheet of various type and thickness and appropriate elongation features is plastically deformed to assume the required shape. This cold process is carried out using hydraulic presses in which a drawing die is installed. The die consists of a die part and a punch which mimics the shape of the part to be obtained. 
Steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets with appropriate mechanical features are suitable for drawing.

Shearing: sheets of various type and thickness are sheared to obtain the required cut shape using shearing dies. Suitable measures can be adopted to reduce or nearly eliminate the burring typical of this type of process.  Traditional or progressive shearing dies can be used: the latter are suitable for high production rates and for solving technological problems related to part geometry, such as drilling or shearing which are not compatible with sheet thickness.

Bending: sheets of various type and thickness are bent according to the required shape under the action of the punch and die. Various fixtures are available also in this case: traditional, dual-acting, with blank holder and using mechanical or hydraulic pressing or reaction devices, as needed.

Pressing: sheets of various type and thickness are pressed using a die to obtain the required shape. In most cases, a pre-sheared and shaped blank is used the dimensions of which are calculated on the basis of the deformation impressed to the material by pressing to obtain the required final shape

Many other process can be carried out according to the solutions implemented in the die, such as for example: hole threading, flanging, partial shearing, burring, bending and pressing, component assembly etc. 

Strips are automatically fed on most presses from a coiler and straightening device which must interface with part presence controls and fault detection devices made on the dies, in some cases to measure.  Some presses may be configured and synchronised with the insertion of modular transfer with various types of non-permanent type handlers.

The Consortium and its associates provide sheet pressing services for various industries, including: household appliances, lifts and elevators, automotive, technical furniture, vending machines, industrial pumps, gardening, industrial filters etc.

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