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2D and 3D laser cutting

2D and 3D laser cutting

2D and 3D laser cutting technology applied to steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys is flexible, cost-effective, fast and accurate.

This technology was invented in Italy, and more precisely in Torino in the early 1980s and introduced a new working approach and method.

Today, it is used in nearly all industrial sectors. 3D laser machines are mainly used for the production of components in the  automotive, aerospace, lighting, prototyping and energy sectors.

Laser is a universal tool for cutting, welding, marking and drilling. With no contact with material, the advantages in terms of production efficiency and quality are clear.
Many applications can benefit from the remarkable advantages of laser: high versatility, machining speed and quality simplify the production chain as a whole.

The Consortium offers this technology to Customers with 2D and 3D laser cutting machines capable of cutting even very thick steel and aluminium stock with the properties and advantages that this technology has to offer.

2D laser cutting is nowadays systematically used for large productions. In addition to being used for prototyping and pre-production, the 3D system cuts the stock without spatial constraints with the result of greatly shortening production start-up times. In such cases, previously drawn or pressed parts are used and 3D laser cutting is used for trimming and finishing. 3D laser cutting is the right solution from a technical and economic point of view when using trimming dies is not convenient.
2D laser can be used to cut steel stock up to 18 mm thick, stainless steel up to 12 mm thick and aluminium and aluminium alloys up to 10 mm thick. Sheets of size up to 3500 mm x 2500 mm can be machined using semi-automatic sheet feeders in manned or unmanned stations.

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