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Roller forming is a continuous bending operation by means of which a metal strip is cold formed. The metal runs through a series of rollers arranged in pairs, which gradually deform the metal to obtain the required section. This technology or production process is ideal for making large amounts of long sections with simple or complex profiles minimising processing times and costs. Continuously processed or reworked, the resulting section may be further processed by drilling, shearing or bending, with few restrictions and excellent results accuracy, respecting narrow tolerances to compensate for thickness variables and mechanical features of the raw material.  

Mecotek offers this type of technology to customers supplying open or closed sections. The latter can be square groove welded, spot welded, continuous or induction laser welded seams or induction or laser welded edge-to-edge seams.

The section profile may be made to the customer’s specifications using stock of various thickness and standard 6 metre long sections. The sections may be cut to size using different types of material strips, including pickled, pre-galvanised, pre-painted or stainless steel. 

Cold formed section have very many applications: roofing, frame and counter-frame supports, frames for industrial refrigerators and ovens, farming machine frames, greenhouses, scaffolding and metallic containers, overhead and roller conveyor lines, supports for ventilated walls, air conditioning systems, structural bars and automotive supports etc.

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