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Die design and making

Die design and making

Steel or other metallic in the form of sheets, strips or bands takes shape by pressing using a die in a press. Pressing is consequently a key process for obtaining end products from stock.

Dies are mostly used for this type of process, particularly when a high number of parts are needed for obtaining low processing costs and satisfactory repetition quality.

Technological evolutions in die making have had positive effects on stock transformation into intermediate or end products, crucial for product cost-effectiveness and quality.

The Consortium companies offering this technology have all been operating for many years and have acquired significant experience in the field. They offer traditional and cutting-edge solutions according to the application or the customer’s requirements. The extremely high quality levels and top-notch flexibility of dies provide satisfactory answers to the most specific needs in most industrial sectors. They are used in a wide variety of fixtures with different features and endless production possibilities, for different types of material to provide solutions in a wide array of stock pressing applications and parts.

In addition to traditional dies for shearing, bending, trimming and drawing, simple or complex progressive dies can be used to integrate various complementary processes for specific requests (such as threading, coining, flaring, flanging, etc. and insertion of small parts in components).

Production lines with prevalent presence of dies are made along with dies suitable for inclusion in transfer systems, profiling systems etc.

Die size is determined by the press on which the die is used, but for the sake of simplicity and based on common knowledge dies up to a maximum size of 3000x2000 mm do not display particular machining or handling problems. 

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