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Mecotek, the Industrial Subcontractors Consortium at the service of companies


Mecotek is the specialised industrial suppliers and subcontractors consortium. It is based in Modena and has member companies and partners across Northern Italy (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna).
Recently established by a number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from SMEs of long, significant industrial experience, the Consortium aims at offering competitive and technologically integrated solutions to Italian and European customers within a very competitive, continuously evolving and changing industrial context.

Mecotek offers specialised, vertical solutions and - above all - integrated, multi-specialised supply chain solutions by means of the direct contribution and collaboration of associates and by involving companies from the customer's own supply chain when needed.

Mecotek also coordinates and integrates suppliers adopting a system integrator approach exploiting the in-depth know-how within the Consortium and associated companies.

The processes and technologies available within the Consortium are:

Metal die design and making   Stock pressing 
• Cold-forming of sections: open, closed, welded   2D and 3D laser cutting and laser welding 
Light metal structural work   Chip-forming 
Thermoplastic part moulding    Anti-corrosion treatments: zinc-coating, cataphoresis
• Cosmetic surface treatments: natural and colour anodising, powder painting, liquid painting   Industrial automation 

Mecotek offers a complete portfolio to customers guaranteeing the highest quality standards, flexibility and competitiveness.

In a tough market, where international competition and globalisation appear to be the biggest challenges of the present and the near future, the Consortium has chosen a structure and an offering to breath new life into the subcontracting sector, with the accent on technology, innovation and integration.  Customers can rely on the service and convenience of a one-stop shop capable of coordinating and managing all aspects and issues of an optimised, complete supply.

Mecotek guarantees the quality of direct supplies and those of associates by means of formal checks on attached documents and data filed along the supply chain and by means of material check by conducting random inspections according to agreements made with the customer.

Mecotek wants to establish, develop and enhance genuine, long-term partnerships with customers by combining integration, convenience, service and quality for optimising new products and improving existing ones -  supply chain, processes or end products.

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